Help for anxiety & panic attacks

Jesus tells us in Matthew 6 not to worry and be anxious: ‘Do not worry about your life…. who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?’ Matthew 6:25 & 27, but for many of us, this is easier said than done.

Whether you’re a constant worrier or you get anxious in particular situations – meeting new people, speaking in front of a group, driving, being in confined spaces – or about particular things – your health, your children, your finances – the good news is that you can change this.

Once you have a key insight into how the human mind works, you can put anxiety and panic attacks behind you and look forward to peace of mind and confidence in living.  This is what the Christian Therapy ‘Freedom from Anxiety’ programme is designed to give you.  Scroll down for more details.

What do you worry about?

You may be anxious about loved ones, be facing worries about your health and, in the current economic climate, have financial worries to deal with.  You might be anxious about situations at work or worry what people think about you. 

The society we live in can sometimes seem threatening, with violence on the streets in our own country, and wars and terror threats in the news all the time. You may find yourself anxious about the uncertainties of the future – the world is changing rapidly and we live under the threat of climate change.

Symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety and worry can make you feel constantly tense and on edge and, at worse, bring on panic attacks without warning.  If you regularly experience the following symptoms, you know just how uncomfortable anxiety can be:

  • Butterflies in your stomach and feeling sick
  • Heart beating faster
  • Shaking and breathlessness
  • Sweating and then feeling shivery
  • Feeling light-headed and faint
  • Needing to go to the toilet frequently, indigestion and stomach cramps
  • Difficulty concentrating and sitting still
  • Problems sleeping (please also look at the Help for Sleep Problems page)

You may be experiencing other physical symptoms of anxiety, such as tingling in your arms and hands or headaches, without realising that anxiety is the cause.  This may have made you worry about your physical health.

Do you avoid doing things because of anxiety?

It might seem that an obvious and easy way to try to manage your anxiety is to avoid the things that make you feel anxious.  Perhaps you’re avoiding certain situations, you don’t join in certain groups, you don’t volunteer for things at church, or you shy away from doing new things in your home life or at work.

Sometimes people with anxiety tend to be a bit of a control freak and don’t realise that this is part trying to cope with their anxiety.  It can all mean that your world becomes smaller and you get exhausted trying to keep everything in order.

The worst thing about anxiety for Christians

What can make anxiety even worse for Christians is that we feel bad about being anxious.  I know so many Christians who think that their anxiety is sinful – after all, Jesus tells us not to be anxious – and they beat themselves up for, as they see it, having so little faith.  They wonder why the ‘joy of the Lord’ seems so elusive for them.  Unfortunately, this is the message that often seems to emanate from churches and well-meaning advice-givers.  It can make you feel even more guilty than you were already feeling and lead you to hide your anxiety from family and friends.

How to overcome anxiety and worry

The key to overcoming anxiety is to learn to calm the physical symptoms in your body and to deal with what’s happening in your mind, which triggers those physical symptoms.

If you want to break free from the hold that anxiety has on your life and take hold of the life in all its fullness that Jesus intends for you, then the Christian Therapy ‘Freedom from Anxiety’ programme can help.

Christian Therapy ‘Freedom from Anxiety’ programme

The ‘Freedom from Anxiety’ programme draws on tried and tested approaches to anxiety treatment, which have been proven to be effective in reducing anxiety.

You will learn how to:

  • quickly calm any physical symptoms of anxiety
  • change anxious thinking and worrying to calmer, more positive and confident thinking

The ‘Freedom from Anxiety’ programme is tailored to your individual needs and  sessions will typically include:

  • relaxation and other techniques to deal with the physical symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks
  • gaining awareness of how your thinking is causing you anxiety
  • learning to control your thoughts before they spiral into ‘what ifs’ and worst case scenarios
  • changing problematic thoughts to be more positive and realistic
  • deep focus techniques to allow Biblical truth to transform your thinking at a profound level
  • dealing with past issues and experiences which may be at the root of your anxiety

The programme also includes written and audio resources to give you additional support and reinforce what is covered in sessions.

Here’s what past clients have said:

‘I really enjoyed the sessions I had with Anne. She used a variety of techniques during the sessions,  which were very beneficial and reflect her vast experience and wide skill set. It allowed me to overcome a fear that I have suffered with for 30 years and also helped me to increase my self awareness and self confidence. The recordings that Anne provided allow me to ‘top up’ if I ever feel the need which is a great ongoing self help tool. Anne has helped me to take control of my fears and to change some of the negative beliefs that had built up over time, which to me is priceless as I feel the benefits of it every day.’ 

Louise Tassell, Optimal Health consultant

‘Sessions with Anne helped me be more aware of my thoughts and to live in the moment as opposed to pre-empting what could happen. I am more positive when entering a situation either a work meeting or social occasion at church.

I am a lot calmer and can focus more at work. In social situations I am more relaxed and don’t think so much about ‘what if’. ‘

Laura M, IT Office Support

‘I’d like to say thank you for helping me beat the ‘beast’! Because actually that’s how it feels. I feel ‘free’ now and not bound or crippled by fear. I could never have done this without you.’

R H, Kingston

A future free of anxiety

If you long to live from a place of peace, going from day to day feeling calm and relaxed, confident that you can take life in your stride and cope with whatever comes your way, please contact Anne at Christian Therapy UK to find out about the ‘Freedom from Anxiety’ programme.

Free 30-minute phone/Zoom consultation

To find out more, click here to contact Anne Williams by phone or email to book a free, no-obligation 30 minute phone or Zoom consultation.

Image credits – Dingzeyu Li, Unsplash

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