Anne runs online sessions, courses and workshops and is always delighted to speak at church groups and conferences on topics including dealing with stress and anxiety, how to sleep better and Christian mindfulness.

Past talks and workshops include:

Living Well – Managing Anxiety, Stress and Depression

How to Stop Worrying

De-Stress for Life: Relaxation Techniques

How to Sleep Well

Sleep, Anxiety and the Menopause

Renew Your Mind

Principles of Self-Care

How to Avoid Burnout

A Little Bit of Uplift Beyond Lockdown


Christian Mindfulness Workshops

 Anne has run ‘Introduction to Christian Mindfulness’ workshops and Christian Mindfulness practice sessions in several churches.

Mindfulness is widely used in the secular world, because it has been shown to have profound benefits for health and wellbeing.  In a Christian context, it can be a spiritual practice, in keeping with centuries of Christian contemplative tradition – a way of being more present to the presence of God.

As well as helping you to be more alive to the present moment, mindfulness develops a different relationship to thoughts and emotions, allowing you to be more detached and in control of them.   St. Paul encourages us to ‘take every thought captive‘ 2 Corinthians 10:5 and this is exactly what mindfulness enables us to do.

Hear Anne talk about mindfulness in a Christian context:

Latest speaking date:


Inspirational Breakfast show with Esther Higham

Premier Christian Radio

Monday 4th March 2024

Anne talked to Esther about why so many of us struggle with insomnia, what might be better than  the endless amounts of sleep products/cures recommended to us, how we can find true rest in the age of blue light and distractions, and what young people can teach us about going to bed early.   Anne shared lots of practical tips on how to get a good night’s sleep.  Listen to the recording on the Premier Christian Radio website:

You’re not the only one struggling to sleep – Inspirational Breakfast with Esther Higham – Premier Plus

 Please contact Anne with any enquiries.

Here’s what participants have said about the sessions

‘I really enjoy Anne’s mindfulness sessions. She creates a calm and meditative atmosphere and I am learning to concentrate and remain in the moment. Her voice is soothing and yet gently probing; helping us to block out extraneous thoughts. I always emerge with my back straighter to find a world that I seem to see afresh.’ 


‘Since starting to practise mindfulness and coming to the group, I have found I am able to stop, look and listen to life around me.   It steadies my thoughts and improves my ability to make decisions.  In the group, it is good to sit quietly with others who are doing the same exercise.  The discipline of being led in contemplation is so much easier that when practising alone.  It has certainly led me into a steadier and more “right thinking” attitude to life.’ 



If you’d like to practise Christian mindfulness on your own, two CDs, also in mp3 format, are available from Christian Therapy UK

Christian Mindfulness includes the following tracks:

  • Body Scan Mindfulness
  • Breathing Mindfulness
  • Five Senses Mindfulness
  • Mountain Standing Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness Attitudes Meditation
  • Centering Prayer Meditation

More Christian Mindfulness includes the following tracks:

  • Gratitude Meditation
  • Box Sorting for Thoughts
  • Being Still in God’s Presence
  • Sun & Rain Meditation
  • Mindfulness of an Object

Christian Mindfulness and More Christian Mindfulness are now only available in mp3 format at £10 each.  Please e-mail Anne to order.

For more information, please go to the Contact page for details of how to contact Anne.

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